Great Harvest Bread
A Fresh Start!
We are Gregg and Kim Green and we are so excited to bring Great Harvest Bread Co. to Greenville, NC!  This bakery is the result of a dream to connect to the community in a unique and meaningful way.  We have a passion for ministry, service, fellowship, and great food.  Great Harvest offers all of that while bringing a fresh approach to baked breads and sweets.  There's nothing quite like it here, and we know you'll love it!  If you have never experienced Great Harvest before, give us a chance to show you what we're all about at! 

The Greenville Great Harvest looks like no other Great Harvest out there. We operate under a “Freedom Franchise.” The “Freedom” part means that we get to run our business in a way that meets our community’s unique needs. The “Franchise” part gives us access to the recipes and processes that Great Harvest has continuously improved for over three decades. The result is breads, sweets and sandwiches that will knock your socks off! 

Who We Are
Gregg is an ordained minister from the Pacific Northwest who is passionate about serving those who serve.  Kim is a native of Greenville and has two degrees in music but with the random assortment of jobs she's held, she most loves being a mom.  We met in 2006 in Charlotte, NC where Gregg was associate pastor of a church, and Kim was working in a law firm and singing with the Charlotte Symphony.  It was here that Gregg first found Great Harvest Bread Co.  He received a gift box from a congregant and fell in love with the bread.  He started using Great Harvest bread for communion and the congregation fell in love with it as well!   

Shortly after meeting Kim, Gregg answered a call to join the Army as a chaplain.  We married in 2008 and started our life together at Fort Lewis, WA where Kim was introduced to Great Harvest in the little town of University Place on the Puget Sound. 

After three and a half years of military service with a tour in Afghanistan, we returned home to North Carolina.  Since then, we've moved a couple more times, Gregg went back to school for a degree in non-profit management and we made the leap to pursue Gregg's passion for community ministry.  We chose to open a Great Harvest Bread Co. with that passion in mind and we decided that Greenville was the perfect place to raise our family, find our community and build our bakery.  We have two adorable children--Eli and Amelia--and the sweetest dogs on the planet named Sydney and Pepper.  We hope to raise our kids in this family bakery and teach them not only how to run a business with integrity, but also to give to, serve and love others generously.  You'll likely see them around the bakery, trying to be our "helpers"!

With community service as our focus, we hope to be a place that this city can come to meet, relax, fellowship, and most of all, enjoy awesome breads, scrumptious sweets and a delicious lunch.  We hope through this bakery to bless you as God has blessed us.

Thanks for stopping by, we’re glad you came and we hope to see you soon! 

~ Gregg and Kim Green ~
(photo courtesy of Eliza Kay Photography)
Great Harvest Bread Co. of Greenville, NC
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