Great Harvest Bread


Let us do the work for you! We cater for small and large groups, meetings and events. 

Please place your order by calling (252.689.6012) or stopping by the bakery.  Orders of 8 or more must be placed before 10 am.  Orders for sandwich boxes and other catering trays must be made 24 hours in advance to ensure availability.  Payment to be made at time of order.

Delivery available for an additional $15.00 with 24 hours notice and a minimum order of $50.

Breakfast Sandwich Sampler:
Choose a biscuit or freshly-baked bread with egg, cheese and choice of meat (bacon, sausage or country ham).
            Small (serves 10).....$45
            Large (serves 25).....$115
*Additional sandwiches can be included for $4.50 each.

Breakfast Treat Sampler:
Includes an assortment of freshly baked muffins, scones, biscuits, Savannah bars, monkey bites and other breakfast favorites, cut for sharing unless otherwise requested.
          Small (serves 12-15)......$36
          Medium (serves 18-20)......$54
          Large (serves 25-30)......$75

Fruit Bowl (serves 20-25).....$55

Individual Executive Lunches:
          Harvest Box Lunch includes your choice of sandwich, a pickle, bag of chips, and a cookie.....$11.00, add bottled drink for $1.50
          Signature Salad Lunch includes your choice of salad, Parmesan Fennel Breadsticks, and a cookie...$10.50, add bottled drink for $1.50

Sandwich Sampler Boxes:
Includes an assortment of our gourmet sandwiches in halves or quarters, with or without chips
          Small (12 sandwiches).....$98, with chips....$110
          Medium (24 sandwiches).....$193, with chips....$217
          Large (36 sandwiches).....$290, with chips.....$326
*Additional sandwiches can be included for $7.75 each, $8.75 with chips

Salads for Sharing:
Our large salads serve 8-10 and include individual dressings on the side and Parmesan Fennel Breadsticks
          The Yardbird......$45
          The Carolina Cobb......$47
          The Greek (vegetarian)......$43
Soup for a Group:
Our soup of the day serves 8.  Vegetarian, gluten-free and dairy-free options available upon request.
           With Rolls.....$38
           Without Rolls......$34

Pasta Salad:
Home-made pasta salad with cherry tomatoes, cucumber, red onion.  
          Small (serves 5).....$7
          Large (serves 12).....$12

Great Big Cookie Box (a dozen of our giant cookies, different varieties available each day).....$18
Junior Cookie Box (a dozen of our smaller cookies).....$10

Tray of Treats:
An assortment of desserts cut for sharing, including cookies, brownies and bars
          Small (serves 12-15).....$28
          Medium (serves 18-20).....$42
          Large (serves 25-30).....$55

Pan of Bars:
An entire pan of one of our favorite bars:  Savannah bars, brownies, or the specialty bar of the month
           Half Pan (15 pieces)......$40
           Full Pan (35 pieces)......$95
*order must be placed 24 hours in advance

Gallon of Sweet or Unsweet Tea.....$10
Coffee Box (regular dark roast, regular light roast, or decaf).....$15
Bottled Water.....$1.25
Bottled Soda or Lemonade.....$1.80
Bottled Fruit Tea.....$2.00
Juice (orange, apple or cran-grape)......$1.80

All sampler boxes (both lunch and breakfast), large salads and soup include plates or bowls, napkins and utensils.
Gallons of tea include cups and ice.  Coffee boxes include cups, lids, sweeteners and creamers.
You can review our Sandwiches page and Goodies page to see all of your tasty options. 

Prices subject to change.
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